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Tanglewood Canyon Electric Bass Guitars Only Few Left

Tanglewood Canyon Electric Bass Guitars Only Few Left

Tanglewood Canyon Electric Bass Guitars Only Few Left   Tanglewood Canyon Electric Bass Guitars Only Few Left

An Amazing Sounding Long Scale Bass. Hover over a small image to enlarge it. Tanglewood is well renowned for inexpensive instruments and has maintained a level of consistency over a number of years that has sustained continued success in a very price-dependent market sector. Their instruments are very often highly playable and capable of performing surprisingly well above their actual price. Under inspection here is a new range of basses, the'Canyon' range, with each model offering a slight variation to the model before it in the product line, this variation resulting in a higher price tag.

Whether such variations offer any tonal, weight, balance or playability improvements will dictate whether the increased retail price of each model is justified. Build Quality & Features The basses are very obviously based on the body shape used for the Cort-produced Curbow basses and although all four basses here are four-string fretted models, five-string and fretless models are available also. All three basses feature the same body contouring, the chamfering on the body edging being quite subtle.

A variety of woods have been used in the construction of each bass but each has an ebony fingerboard fitted with abalone position markers and white side markers. Mahogany has been used for the body of all three instruments, the Canyon I being exclusively mahogany whilst the other two incorporate other timbers for their top facings.

The ebony fingerboards have been crafted to produce a crescent design at the end of each fingerboard, which looks quite stylish especially on the Canyon II and III with their natural finishes. The Canyon I is the only bass to be finished in a colour and lacquer but what a colour, a sparkling Cobalt Blue finish that stands out a mile.

The headstock and reverse of the neck are also finished in this colour and with the chrome hardware; this really is a striking bass to look at. The Canyon II and III both sport a five-piece maple and mahogany thru-neck to improve stability and sustain and the look this gives to both instruments is further enhanced by the excellent top body timbers; the Canyon II has been crafted with an arched flame maple top, the Canyon III goes one better with a breathtaking arched spalted maple top. To embellish the basses even further, the timbers for the upper body facings have also been used as facings for the uniquely shaped headstocks, offering a touch of continuity. The Tanglewood Canyon 1 is a long scale active bass.

Tanglewood Canyon 1 main features include. Canadian Maple, Set in 3 piece neck. Fitted with EAST RIVER pickups.

Available in GLOSS BLACK & Cobalt Blue. Tanglewood Canyon II Bass main features include. Canyon 2 Four String Bass. The TANGLEWOOD CANYON 3 is a 4 string bass guitar, made from canadian maple and has a mahogany thru neck.

The TANGLEWOOD CANYON 3 features an ebony fingerboard, die-cast nickel bridge and East River pickups. Tanglewood Canyon III main features include.

Canadian Maple & Mahogany Thru Neck Ebony Fingerboard Arched Spalted Maple Body Walnut Veneer & Mahogany back Diecast Black Nickel Bridge Fitted with EAST RIVER pickups Natural Open Pore Finish. Available as Canyon 3 Four String Fretted Bass. This solid metal stand is suitable for all kinds of guitars such as acoustic, bass, classic and electric guitar. It has a folding tripod base which provides a sturdy base.

The neck rest can be folded down for transport. The neck rest is also fitted with a security strap so the guitar can't fall out.

The guitar top and bottom post holding the guitar are foam passed with velveteen rubber to protect the guitar finish. Of course, the neck of this stand is height adjustable. IT'S CHEAPER AT CHASE.

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  • Model: Canyon I Metallic Black
  • Size: 4/4
  • String Configuration: 4 String
  • Series: Tanglewood Canyon
  • Type: Electric Bass
  • Right-/ Left-Handed: Right-Handed
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Brand: Tanglewood
  • Body Type: Solid

Tanglewood Canyon Electric Bass Guitars Only Few Left   Tanglewood Canyon Electric Bass Guitars Only Few Left